Dangerous Man Brewing taproom getting closer to opening day

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December 20, 2012 by Sarah M

// By Ben Johnson //

SHERIDAN — Nine years after brewing his first American pale ale, Rob Miller will be opening the Dangerous Man Brewing taproom sometime in mid-January.

There will probably be four beers on tap to start. Currently Miller is waiting for a cream ale, a chocolate milk stout, a Belgian strong golden ale and a double IPA to finish fermenting. Eventually there will be six beers on tap. P1050460

There will always be a light beer, a dark beer, and a hoppy beer on tap, and the three other taps will rotate through different styles and flavors with the seasons. There will also be different flavors of soda made at the bar with Malone’s All-Natural Simple Syrups.

“Ever since I started writing the business plan I was like, how can I do this and make money, and make beer at the same time, which is what I love to do,” said Miller, who previously worked as the produce manager at Whole Foods.

Miller received his ‘Dangerous Man’ nickname a few years ago when he rented a house with some friends for a destination wedding in Texas. Right after waking up one morning, he walked into the kitchen for a glass of water and his unkempt, thick, bushy beard scared the young daughter of one of his friends. The daughter ran and reported to her mother that there was a dangerous man in the house, and that moniker became the running joke of the weekend.

Miller, whose low-key, amicable demeanor is anything but dangerous, has dreamed of opening his own brewery for the last five years. He wrote his business plan three years ago, taking inspiration from the Kettle House, a taproom he frequented while living in Montana. He had a big party to pitch to potential investors in July 2011 and now has about 70 people backing his venture.

The construction of the taproom seems to be near completion. All of the tables and the bar were built with beautiful lumber reclaimed from the construction of the new Lunds downtown.

“Now we’re just about outta money, we gotta open the doors,” said Miller with a laugh.


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