New NE art gallery opening in January

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December 2, 2012 by Sarah M

// By Ben Johnson //

A new art gallery will be opening in Northeast in January after raising over $30,000 through an online fundraiser.

The gallery, which is named Public Functionary, reached its goal on Nov. 26. Pledges from 230 donors raised a total of $31,010 through the popular crowd funding website Kickstarter.

“We knew [$30,000] was ambitious, but we knew it would be the best case scenario in terms of establishing who we are and what we do, while simultaneously raising money,” said Trisha Khutoretsky, director and curator of Public Functionary.

The nonprofit gallery has been operating out of a bare bones set-up in their spot on the corner of Buchanan and Broadway since July. They share the one-story brick building with The Lab Digital and Permanent Art and Design Group.

Public Functionary previously held two open house/fundraisers at their 2,500 square-foot space to hear from supporters and neighborhood residents. Khutoretsky envisions the gallery as a welcoming access point for outsiders interested in the Minneapolis art scene.

“The Minneapolis arts scene can be very insider and kind of cliquey, said Khutoretsky. “Kickstarter was good us because it really generated community support that wasn’t necessarily just art scene people.”


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