Downtown voters turn out in the drizzle

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November 7, 2012 by Sarah M

//By Hemang Sharma//

An afternoon breeze accompanied by rain did not deter the downtown residents who made their way to Westminster Presbyterian Church early Election Day afternoon to exercise their constitutional right.

Many of the voters who stopped to talk with a reporter around 1:30 p.m. said it was two proposed amendments to the state constitution that brought them to the polls — one that would define marriage as between a man and a woman only and another that would require voters to present a valid photo identification card at the polls.

That, and a presidential election, of course.

“Marriage amendment and voter ID, those two issues brought me here today,” said Jen Gregen who voted no on both the issues.

Rohit Ravindran was one of a number of voters who expressed his support for President Barack Obama to a reporter.

“Voting is important for the democratic process and I’m voting no twice for the amendments,” Ravindran said. “I believe Obama should be in office for a second term.  I definitely do not support [Republican candidate Mitt] Romney. Him getting in office would have a negative impact on the working class.”

Not all voters were on the same page on the ballot issues, however.

“I’m here because its Adam and Eve, and not Adam and Steve,” said John Dalland, a retiree who walked more than half a mile because he couldn’t find parking near the church. “With a long list of issues, I voted for the Republican because he is a businessman and not a politician.”

Dalland’s views were echoed by Sue Johnson.

“I’m here because of the critical time that we are in, to make it count by voting for Mitt Romney,” Johnson said. “I vote on biblical values so [I am] voting yes on the marriage amendment. Voting yes twice.”

Several first-time voters were making their trip to the polls.

“I’m 53 years and it’s my first time voting,” said Pamela Bolling. “Barack made me come out to vote.”

Bill Richardson, another first-time voter, also cast a vote for Obama. Election Day was anything but a new experience for many other voters, like Jim Quigly.

“I have never missed a vote so here I am,” Quigly said. “My main issue is global warming. I voted for Barack Obama. I think the whole marriage amendment think is dumb. I have friends and family that are gay.”

Unlike many other voters, Quigly split his vote on the proposed constitutional amendments.

“Voter ID is an important issue, but it is indeed a poorly written amendment,” he said. “It is going to affect some people but we need to correct it. That’s why I voted yes on that.”


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