Summit Unchained 11 launches next week

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October 17, 2012 by Sarah M

//By Jeremy Zoss//

Craft beer fans, take note: the next beer in Summit Brewing Company’s limited-time-only Unchained series launches next week. Summit Unchained 11: Old 152 will be available in bottles and on tap all around Minneapolis starting Oct. 22. Created by brewer Eric Harper, Old 152 is a “Kentucky Common” style beer, and you’ve never tasted anything like it, literally. Unless you happen to be really, really (really) old.

“Kentucky Common is a pre-Prohibition style that was basically popular around Louisville, Kentucky,” said Harper. “Basically after Prohibition it disappeared and people didn’t make it again.”

Harper found Kentucky Common recipes online and said they got stuck in his head. When the time came to try his hand at another Unchained beer (he also created Unchained #4, Belgian Style Golden Ale), he knew he had to try the forgotten style.

“This seems like something weird, something that no one is doing,” he said. “It would be really cool for the Unchained.”

Old 152 is toasty and malty, with hints of floral spiciness and a crisp clean finish. It is perhaps most similar to a red ale, yet truly difficult to compare to a modern beer style. Harper will host several kick-off events for the beer around the Twin Cities over the coming weeks, including a special dinner at Jax Café, 1928 University Ave. NE, on Nov. 14.



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