New Bohemia Wurst+BierHaus now open

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October 15, 2012 by Sarah M

//By Jeremy Zoss//

Sausage and craft beer restaurant New Bohemia Wurst+BierHaus opens tonight at 6 p.m. in the former home of Panera Bread at 233 E. Hennepin. The restaurant features 18 different sausages, Belgian fries, German potato salad, cole slaw, a selection of dipping sauces, a wide selection of beers, a few wines and that’s about it. It may sound like a somewhat limited menu, but co-owner Jeff Bornmann said that’s the point.

“We kept it really basic,” he said. “Although one of our smart young servers informed me that with our 18 different sausages and our different toppings, the permutations are 324,000 different choices. So even though we have a very limited menu, there are still a lot of ways to go with it.”

Those choices include three different categories of sausage. Standard sausages, all priced at $5.50, include standard offerings like andouille. Premium sausages, priced at $6.50, include offerings like chicken with spiced apple. Finally, the $7.50 “adventure sausages” include alligator, wild boar Italian, and even a rattlesnake rabbit jalapeño sausage.

Bornmann said New Bohemia chef Dan Parrot tried over 240 different sausages from around the country before choosing the 18 on the menu. In addition to the sausages, the Belgian fries, potato salad, cole slaw and dipping sauces are all made in-house.

“It’s actually a seven-step process to make our fries, so a lot of care and love is put into those,” said Bornmann.

New Bohemia also features 32 craft beers on tap and 60 bottled bers, including local, regional and national craft beers and several from Germany and Belgium. There is also a small selection of wine, but no other alcohol.

“That’s very important for our groove,” said Bornmann. “Nothing compliments sausages better than a good quality beer.”


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