Crowded Comics adds your voice to editorial cartoons

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October 5, 2012 by Sarah M

This comic was drawn by Kevin Cannon, but the caption was submitted by a reader at Crowded Comics.

//By Jeremy Zoss//

Just-launched website Crowded Comics has an all-new twist on editorial cartoons: Professional cartoonists supply images based on up-to-the-moment current events, but viewers provide their own captions. The caption submissions are voted on by readers and the most popular submission is declared the comic’s “king.”

Crowded Comics is based out of New York, but all seven artists are based in or around Minneapolis. After CEO David Burnett conceived of the idea, he contacted his former college classmate Kevin Cannon, a Northeast-based professional cartoonist. Cannon served as a “talent scout” and recruited fellow Minneapolis-area illustrators Ken Avidor, Lupi McGinty, Nick Straight as well Brad McGinty, Lance Ward and Dan Murphy.

“There are so many talented cartoonists here, but I really wanted to find ones whose styles would work,” said Cannon. The cartoonists are all expected to keep close tabs on events and turn around comics based on those illustrations quickly. Crowded Comics publishes a new comic based on the news twice a day.

Cannon said he thinks the website is a great way to engage the online community in a way that encourages both creativity and awareness of current events.

“Crowded Comics is designed to give a voice to people who have something to say about politics or the news and do it in a really funny way,” he said. “We thought it would be fun if people who were seemingly so creative in online discussions could have a more visual outlet.”


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