World of Beer coming to Minneapolis


September 26, 2012 by Sarah M

//By Jeremy Zoss//

National craft beer bar chain World of Beer is coming to downtown Minneapolis. According to World of Beer’s Adam Chwala, the Tampa, Florida-based business will open its Minneapolis location sometime in spring of 2013.

World of Beer currently has around 30 locations, mostly in the Southeastern part of the country. However, the locations are all unique, thanks to a program that focuses on serving local beers.

“World of Beer is an upscale craft beer bar, typically featuring over 500 craft beers from all around the world and anywhere from 30 to 50 taps,” said Chwala. “A lot of our beers are regionalized, so we’ll be featuring a lot of Minnesota and Midwestern taps. Midwest people are very loyal to Midwest beers. We want to feature as many Midwest beers as possible.”

Another aspect that makes each World of Beer location unique the chain’s approach to food. Most locations are only around 3,000 square feet and have no kitchen. “What we do is we partner with our neighboring restaurants to create a World of Beer menu,’ said Chwala. “Our neighboring restaurant partners will deliver to our guests.”

Chwala said he’s not quite ready to reveal where the downtown Minneapolis World of Beer will be located.

Each World of Beer location also features live music on weekends and during special events. Chwala said the combination of craft-only beer, food from nearby restaurants and live music is unique to the Minneapolis market and should provide an experience that can’t be found at other bars.

“The popularity of craft beer and local taprooms is pretty exciting,” he said. “It has been building momentum for the last couple years. Downtown Minneapolis doesn’t really have anything like it.”


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