The Twin Cities Horror Festival descends on the Southern Theater

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September 24, 2012 by Sarah M

//By Jeremy Zoss//

You might not know what to expect from the Twin Cities Horror Festival, which runs from Oct. 25th. – Nov. 3rd. It is not a gathering of cult horror movie actors, nor is it a collection of scary movies. However, film is involved, as is live theater, music and dance. According to Ryan Lear of Four Humors Theater, the Twin Cities Horror Festival (TCHF) is a bit like a darker take on one of the area’s best-known theatrical events.

“It’s a little bit like a mini Fringe Festival,” said Lear. “There are lots of well-known Fringe folks [involved].”

Lear said the TCHF evolved out of Four Humors Theater’s desire to present a local production of its play “Harold.” Four Humors presented the campfire ghost story-inspired play at the Cincinnati Fringe Festival in 2010, where it earned the Critic’s Pick Award. However, the group has yet to perform the horror/comedy hybrid in its hometown. Four Humors reached out to other local theater groups working on thematically similar material, and the TCHF was born.

It’s a very collaborative group effort,” said Lear. “We got the ball rolling, now it’s become it’s own thing.”

Along with “Harold,” the TCHF also includes the shows “Ghost Force: Searching for the Truth,” “Senseless,” “The Legend of White Woman Creek,” “Bump in the Night,” “God Damned Son of a Bitch” and an original live score for the film “Night of the Living Dead” performed by the band The Poor Nobodys.

Lear said the lineup of shows brings a lot of variety to the stage. The shows vary in tone, style and scares. “The Legend of White Woman Creek” is a one-woman musical ghost story by Nick Ryan and Katie Hartman. “Ghost Force” by Mike Fotis involves the audience by searching for ghosts in the Southern Theater. “Senseless” by RawRedMeat Productions is visceral and bloody production in the French “Grand Guignol” tradition. The show will use copious amounts of fake blood – so much so that raincoats are suggested for patrons in the front row.

“They’re doing a lot of late night shows for that one,” said Lear.

The TCHF will hold performances nightly from Oct. 25th to Nov. 3rd, including a special dance and costume party on Halloween. Most nights feature at least three performances. Tickets for each show are $15 and an unlimited pass is available for $70. For tickets, search for “Twin Cities Horror Festival” on


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