Devil’s Advocate details expansion plans


August 16, 2012 by Sarah M

The Devil’s Advocate bar. The dining room portion will open in September.

//By Jeremy Zoss//

Back in May, Erik Forsberg opened Devil’s Advocate at 89 10th St. S. – at least he opened the front bar section. Since then, Devil’s Advocate has drawn attention with its menu, which focuses primarily on various styles of meatballs. However, the rear dining room has remained closed, except for a few special events. Now Forsberg is preparing to open the dining room, and as with the bar side, its menu will focus on one core menu item.

“What we’re going to do is steak frites,” said Forsberg. “It’s $20 a head, and you get salad, steak and fries.”

Forsberg said steak frites, or steak fries, is an affordable way to enjoy what is commonly one of the most expensive items on a restaurant menu. As with the bar’s meatball menu, focusing on one core menu item will allow him to serve it at an affordable price. Forsberg said he plans to roll out the steak frites program in early September from Wednesday through Saturday. If it proves popular enough, he plans to expand it to other nights.

The dining room section will launch with at least one other program: Sunday dinners. On Sunday evenings, the restaurant will offer a rotating selection of family-style meals for two or more. Forsberg said the price of Sunday dinners will vary based on the menu, but the first Sunday dinner will likely be as low as $16 a person.

“It’s our way of doing something different, experimenting with some different stuff,” said Forsberg. “It’s not just meatballs.”

For the time being, Monday and Tuesday nights in the dining room will primarily be reserved for special events, such as the beer and whiskey dinners the restaurant has featured over the last few months. Forsberg said he has several breweries lined up for beer dinners and many even be running the program weekly through September and October.


One thought on “Devil’s Advocate details expansion plans

  1. Can’t wait to check out some of the beer dinners!

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