Get a glimpse of downtown’s future at Building Community Exhibition


August 10, 2012 by Sarah M


Concept rendering of Nicollet Residences at 5th. Submitted image.

The 13th annual Building Communities Exhibition will be held Aug. 20-22 at the IDS Crystal Court and give visitors a glimpse of some of the projects that will reshape downtown Minneapolis. On display will be scale models of upcoming construction projects such as The Interchange transit center and luxury apartment complex Nicollet Residences at 5th.

Building Community Exhibition founder Peter Bruce calls the event a rare opportunity to look into the future of the city. “Many of the display visuals will be shown to the broader public for the first time,” said Bruce in a statement.

The Interchange and Nicollet Residences will both be highlighted in the exhibition. Along with the models, each will be the focus of a special 15-minute presentation followed by a 15-minute question-and-answer session. The Interchange presentation will be held at noon on Aug. 20. Nicollet Residencies will be the subject of the noon presentation on Aug. 22. On Aug. 21, Downtown Council president Mark Stenglein will talk about having positive experiences downtown.

The Building Communities Exhibition is free and runs through 6 p.m. daily, Aug. 20-22.


One thought on “Get a glimpse of downtown’s future at Building Community Exhibition

  1. Steve says:

    I walked through the Crystal Court around 5pm on Aug 22 and nothing. 😦 Were they hiding it?

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