City moves to shut down two nightclubs


August 8, 2012 by Sarah M

//By Jeremy Zoss//

The City of Minneapolis Regulatory Services Department Licenses and Consumer Services Division has issued Notices of Adverse License Action to two Warehouse District clubs, Envy and Bootleggers. The notices cite multiple violations of city ordinances and could lead to both clubs shutting down.

The notice delivered to Deepak Nath, the owner of Envy cites violations such as admitting and serving an obviously intoxicated patron, serving alcohol after 2 a.m. on two separate occasions and failure to pay citations. The Notice also states that management of the club was transferred to its minority owner without proper notice to the city.

The notice delivered to James Beamon, the owner of Bootleggers alleges the business allowed intoxicated patrons to fight inside and outside the establishment, failure to serve food on Sundays and multiple staff failures, such as failing to prevent marijuana use on the premises, failing to provide the city with a “do not admit” list, failing to keep patrons without wristbands out of alcohol services areas and more.

Envy and Bootleggers share a direct link in management. According to the notices, Susan Beamon is a minority owner in both clubs. The notice delivered to Envy alleges that Beamon is the primary decision maker for business operations for the club.

Both clubs have the option to have their cases heard by an administrative law judge for an evidentiary hearing. Upon completion of the hearing, the Minneapolis City Council would determine what adverse license actions should be taken against each club. The clubs can also admit to the violations and allow the City Council to take action without a hearing. Either club can also choose to surrender its business license and close the business.

Manager of Business Licensing Grant Wilson said it his opinion that both clubs should surrender their licenses and close down.


One thought on “City moves to shut down two nightclubs

  1. Shut them all down…

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