Murray’s Restaurant temporarily closing for renovations

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July 16, 2012 by Sarah M

//By Jeremy Zoss//

Murray’s Restaurant, which has been located at 26 South Sixth St. since 1946, will close on July 30 for renovations. Co-owner Tim Murray said the restaurant should reopen on Sept. 4 with improvements to bar and restaurant layout, new seating and more welcoming décor.

Some people are concerned that we’re going to take the old feeling out of the room,” said Murray. “We’re going to do this very tastefully. We’re going to really appeal to all age groups now.”

Much of the project will focus on expanding seating. The dining room will add more booth seating and two private dining rooms, each of which will seat around 20 people. In the bar, the lounge will be expanding and the shape of the bar itself will be changed to allow for more seats. Murray said the increasing popularity of bar dining and the restaurant’s happy hour business made it clear that the bar needed to be reworked.

Furniture, carpet, drapes and other decorative elements will also be refreshed during the five-week renovation. Murray said the bar may also add a couple of additional tap lines, but it isn’t a major focus of the project.


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