Minneapolis gets Midwest’s first sushi truck

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May 25, 2012 by Sarah M

Sushi Fix’s Brendan Shertain, Billy E. T and Alex Hein pose in front of their new truck. Photo by Romy Currier Ackerberg.


// By Jeremy Zoss //

As the number of local food trucks expands, so too have diners options for street food. Chef and owner Billy E. T’s Sushi Fix truck is not only the first sushi truck in Minneapolis, it’s the first sushi truck in the Midwest. He only knows of around half a dozen sushi trucks anywhere in the country. But according to T, it’s a natural fit for a food truck.

“Sushi was actually born in the streets,” he said. “I just wanted to bring it back.”

In the planning stages for a year, Sushi Fix’s truck is patterned after a traditional sushi bar, with a clear counter barrier that allows customers to see the food preparation area. T said he plans to be downtown every weekday from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. The menu items range from $6 to $18.

Sushi Fix had its first day of service yesterday. T said he was blown away by the reception.

“The reaction from customers was amazing,” he said. “They love our sushi.”


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